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To insure our customers obtain quality pre-sale and after-sale support and service, ELAN Home Systems products are sold exclusively through Authorized Dealers. ELAN products are not sold online. The warranties on ELAN products are NOT VALID if the products have been purchased from an unauthorized Dealer or an online E-tailer. To determine if your ELAN re-seller is authorized, please call ELAN Home Systems at (877)289-3526. Or, you may email ELAN with the following information so we may select the closest ELAN Dealer to your location: city, state, zip, and telephone number with area code.

ELAN HOME SYSTEMS ("ELAN"), a part of The AVC Group LLC, warrants our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the times specified below from the date of purchase. If within the applicable warranty period above purchaser discovers such item was not as warranted above and promptly notifies ELAN writing, ELAN shall repair or replace the items at the company's option. This warranty shall not apply (a) to equipment not manufactured by ELAN, (b) to equipment which shall have been installed by other than an authorized ELAN installer, (c) to installed equipment which is not installed to ELAN's specifications, (d) to equipment which shall have been repaired or altered by others than ELAN, (e) to equipment which shall have been subjected to negligence, accident, or damage by circumstances beyond ELAN's control, including, but not limited to, lightning, flood, electrical surge, tornado, earthquake, or any other catastrophic events beyond ELAN's control, or to improper operation, maintenance or storage, or to other than normal use of service. With respect to equipment sold by, but not manufactured by ELAN, the warranty obligations of ELAN shall in all respects conform and be limited to the warranty actually extended to ELAN by its supplier. The foregoing warranties do not cover reimbursement for labor, transportation, removal, installation, or other expenses which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement.

Except as may be expressly provided and authorized in writing by ELAN, ELAN shall not be subject to any other obligations or liabilities whatsoever with respect to equipment manufactured by ELAN or services rendered by ELAN. THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES EXCEPT WARRANTIES OF TITLE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

g! Products 2 Year Limited
WT84 1 Year Limited
S & M Series Electronics / All Components 2 Year Limited
HD Series Electronics / All Components 2 Year Limited
Z Series / All Components 2 Year Limited
D Series Electronics / All Components 2 Year Limited
DTNR/DT11/DT22 1 Year Limited
Door Stations / Excl Cameras 2 Year Limited
CCTV Cameras 1 Year Limited
MOD3000 1 Year Limited
Elios Speakers Limited Lifetime
O Series Speakers 2 Year Limited
Elite Series Speakers 10 Year Limited
TheaterPoint Speakers excluding THP1200SW Limited Lifetime
THP1200SW 2 Year Limited
M Series Speakers Limited Lifetime
VIA! Touch Panels 2 Year Limited
VIA!dj Family & VIA!dvdj 1 Year Limited
VIA!SC4/VIA!SR1/VIA!2SS1 2 Year Limited
VIA!Quad 1 Year Limited
General Products:
IR Control Products, Wall Plates, Panels 2 Year Limited
Rotary Volume Controls 10 Year Limited
Electronic Volume Controls 2 Year Limited
XM-R3 2 Year Limited
Lighting Control:
Lighting Products 2 Year Limited
Structured Wiring Products:
MAC24, MAC24IWP & MAC24MS 2 Year Limited
All Other Active Electronics 5 Year Limited
All Other Passive Electronics, Wall Plates and Hardware 15 Year Limited
Products not listed above 1 Year Limited