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Speakers | ELAN is proud to recommend the SpeakerCraft, Niles and Sunfire families of indoor/outdoor loud speakers, theater speakers, and sub-woofers

By working with these Core Brands speaker solutions you are matching industry leading speaker technology with the great ELAN entertainment and Control solutions maximizing the listening experience in your connected home!

Premier Audio. Storied Performance. Designer Aesthetics.
The uncompromising quality of SpeakerCraft fills your life with music and enjoyment everywhere you call home. That's why we've been the preferred choice of custom installers since 1976.
Premier Audio. Storied Performance. Designer Aesthetics.
Specializing in whole home audio and entertainment control, Niles innovations include the new Auriel™ multi-room audio system with simplified wizard-based configuration. Our architectural & outdoor speakers include the world's first in-wall soundbar – the award-winning Cynema Soundfield.
Products, when experienced first-hand, will move you.
The "Science of Sunfire" is dedicated to the pursuit of home theater loudspeakers and subwoofers that are little, low, and loud. As a result, Sunfire designs and markets the smallest, most powerful speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers in the world.



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