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Lighting | Set the Mood with Special Lighting

ELAN lighting, powered by PulseWorx, allows you to create convenient lighting scenes to match the mood of your home. With keypads and dimmers that match the decor of your home, it has never been easier to add beauty, comfort, and enhanced control of whole home lighting.

Dimmers and Keypads
Smart dimmers and Keypads allow the control of kitchen lights from the bedroom. Similarly, adding smart dimmers or keypad dimmers allow you to control other lights throughout the home – like those on the front porch – from where ever you are through any keypad or the g! mobile app.
  • Keypad Models: KPLD6, KPLD8
  • Dimmer Models: WS1D6 (600W), WS1D10 (1000W), WS1D15 (1500W), WS1D24 (2400W), WS1E3 (300VA)
Lamp and Appliance Modules
The Lamp and Appliance Modules are perfect for remotely controlling one or more plug-in lamps and appliances. Simply plug the item to be controlled into the controlled outlet on the bottom of the module and then plug the module in the wall. A pass-through outlet allows plugging in other items that do not require remote control.
  • Lamp Module: LM14
  • Appliance Module: AM112
Powerline Interface Modules
The Powerline Interface Module, or PIM is your gateway into the powerful g! software, allowing you to control your lights, set schedules and manage energy usage from any g! interface.
  • Models: PIMR (RS232), PIMU (USB)
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