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"Quotables" Hear What They are Saying.
Each ELAN installation is a unique expression of the tastes and requirements of one individual. Here are some comments we have received from people who have simplified their world with an ELAN system.
Minnesota Builder
We've seen the success of the iPhone, and believe that with it, we can make home control attractive and accessible to anyone," said DiGiacomo. "The ELAN g! app is simple enough for anyone to use, and can even do some things on its own, such as when you pull in the driveway, it can automatically open the garage door and turn off the security system. You don't even have to hit a button. And you can monitor security cameras and control climate settings from anywhere in the world.
- Rocky DiGiacomo
Award-winning Integrated Home - CEDIA 2011
We've been using ELAN systems for about five years now, and the systems keep getting better and better. I use my iPhone to adjust the system and check on things constantly, because I always have it with me, and the ELAN g! app is very simple to use. The whole-home control of audio/video, lighting, security and surveillance will be a big selling point when I put this home on the market, just as the audio/video systems were in my last two homes.
- Dr. Olufemi Adekeye
The Cake Boss's House
In today's world, if you don't embrace new technology, you get left behind. I use stateof- the-art appliances in my kitchens, but had never spent much time thinking about other parts of the house. So I said to myself, 'I want a space-age house. I want to turn off all the lights with one button before I go to bed, and I want music playing when I walk into the kitchen in the morning.' The best thing about this system is it took no time at all to learn to use it. My family knows how to use an iPad and an iPhone, so the software feels just like any other app we use on a daily basis. Having all the systems - the heating, lighting, music, and alarms - adjust themselves throughout the day has made everyday life simpler for me and my family.
- Buddy Valastro
Homeowner & Cake Boss
Mansions and Millionaires
Technology is ingrained in everyday life, so I don't plan any space without some sort of audio/video system. Mozart Multimedia installed an ELAN system designed by Gregg Feldman and Dave Silkin of Royal Systems in my home a couple years ago. It is such an amazing supplement to the house and to my life that I now strongly advise my clients to work with Royal Systems to incorporate a full ELAN g! Control System.
- Katharine Posillico
Interior designer
Arkansas Houseboat
In addition to having full system control on my iPhone, my wife and I love that we can monitor the kids' cuddy right on our iPhones. Now we can entertain guests or relax on the top deck and know that our kids are playing safely in their room below deck.
- Tim Bearden, discussing his 107-foot houseboat with ELAN g!
New Orleans Home
Ever since I started Dynamic 10 years ago, I've been looking for a home control system that is affordable, easy to install and easy to use," said Gannon. "When ELAN merged with Home Logic, and subsequently released the ELAN g! Series, the wait was finally over. With g!, I can provide a system that has the best hardware and the best software, and integrates with all the components a homeowner could ever want.
- Jamie Gannon
Dynamic Audio Video (New Orleans)
Arkansas Home
The whole family absolutely loves the ELAN g! system, especially me. We have a large home, so without the system it would take me at least an hour to walk around and turn off all the lights at night. Now in the evening we have them all turn on and off automatically everyday! Everything-the lighting, the music, the heat and air conditioning, the security system and even the pool-it's all so easy to get to right on my iPhone or any touch screen anywhere in my home. I'll never go back to the old manual way to control my home, that's for sure!
- Stacey Newcomb
Delicious Heights Restaurant
We wanted to solve all the typical problems a guest may have. Need to charge your cell phone? Done. Need the volume lowered in your area? Done. Want to watch the Yankees, not the Mets? Done. We even created a new type of menu with LED backlighting, so no guest ever has to ask for more light to read the menu. We wanted to be proactive, not reactive, and make it so our guests don't have to worry about a single thing while they are here, and the ELAN g! System helps me deliver that level of care.
- Marc Hudacsko
Delicious Heights General Manager
Carlo's Bakery Lackawanna
I work hard, but I also love what I do. And I want our entire working family to enjoy their work, too. Giving them a cool way to listen to whatever type of music they like will help to build camaraderie and make the workplace a much more comfortable environment. I love that I'll be able to address the entire staff at once through the audio system and the emergency safety alerts.
- Buddy Valastro
Carlo's Bakery Lackawanna Owner
NJ Buffalo Wild Wings
Casey from Serious Audio & Video came in and showed us the ELAN g! iPad app, and we were blown away. We didn't know there was a system like this. It not only makes managing our 50-plus TVs easy, it also lets us control our lighting and watch our security camera feeds remotely, which is huge for us since we're opening so many new locations. Now I'm going to be able to check on our Bridgewater restaurant while I'm at another grand opening 50 miles away. Finally, I don't have to think, 'I can't be in two places at once.' I can be in 7 places at once!
- Stephen Sullivan, Jr., Partner of the Antsul Group, owner of 7 Buffalo Wild Wings location throughout New Jersey
Arkansas Pharmacy
Security is always a concern at the pharmacy, both for our store and our employees and customers, so now we have a cameras everywhere, including outside the drive-thru window. There's another one outside the front door and the back door, and seven more inside the store. We can't see the whole interior from the register area, so having all the ELAN g! camera feeds on one screen right on the counter is important for the safety of our employees and our store. And we can adjust everything from any computer in the pharmacy.
- Kyle Lomax, IT manager of five family-owned Arkansas pharmacies
CA Buffalo Wild Wings
As soon as the integrator changed the TV channel from a handheld device he had, I was sold. Now, we have select employees who can access the A/V control system through 10 or more POS terminals and the manager can even control the TVs with an iPod touch we bought for each restaurant! Thanks to the POS integration, we can control the system from more than a dozen spots. We used to literally use hand signals to relay customer requests, and a manager or I would have to leave the floor. Now with our new system, the instant a customer asks us to change a TV, it's done. Some customers have actually said 'Wow, how did you do that?' when they saw us use the iPod. Now there's no leaving the restaurant floor, no time wasted.
- Brett Babick
California Buffalo Wild Wings owner