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g! In Your Home
In Your Home | Design Your Own ELAN 
 Entertainment and Control System

An ELAN g! System can be as simple or as extensive as you want and can expand easily to meet your changing needs. We've prepared this short questionnaire to help you plan an ideal customized system, whether you're designing your dream home or transforming the home you already live in and love. Take a few minutes to explore the many possibilities of Your World Made Simple with an ELAN g! System.


Would you like to have music from the Cloud (Pandora, Rhapsody, internet radio)? Will there be multiple people listening to different music at the same time? Is above average sound quality important to you? Would you like your music personalized for you? Would you like to be able to have the same music piped throughout the house for special occasions like parties? TV/Movies

Would you prefer a remote control that controlled the TV and all house control functions (lights, temp, security, etc?) Is it important that all remotes work similar to the other system interfaces? Would you ever use a smartphone or tablet to control TV? Would having the house control graphic on your TV be something you would want? Would you want to be able to take a remote room to room and control TVs and the house?

Would you like to have a lighting control system tied to your g! System? Would you like to be able to turn all lights off with one button press? Would you like to have scenes you can set at different times? Would you like the system to change the lights based on time of the day? Would you like motion sensitive path lighting integrated with the system? Would you like the ability to control lights from your smartphone or tablet? Is knowing which lights are on at a given time in the house important to you?

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