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Living with ELAN
Design Center | Your Space Made Spectacular

ELAN g! systems are not just for mansions and yachts, although you'll find them there. Because they are customized and personalized, you'll also find them in a single home media room, in a vacation home, or in a modest apartment. Our technology is modular and expandable, so you'll find an ELAN g! system for any living space, in every price range. Here are some examples.

Installations Under $10K Entertainment in a single room or smaller house.

Installations Under $50K Whole home entertainment systems for the average house or larger apartment.

Installations Under $150K Whole home entertainment and control systems for larger homes.

Commercial Installations From a lobby to an office to a boardroom to an auditorium.

  • · Building Management
  • · Boardrooms
  • · Offices
  • · Hospitality