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Media Room ELAN g! puts a world of entertainment at your command. Your customized Media Room revolves around the most elegant and easy-to-use remote available - a remote that gives you the power of dozens of separate remotes. And you control it all with an intuitive touch-screen interface and the familiar hard buttons of a traditional remote. Whether you're watching a game, the latest 3D movie or listening to Pandora, an ELAN g! solution simplifies and enhances your home entertainment experience.

* The system solution profiled here is a representative estimate that includes the specified ELAN equipment and its installation cost. The actual final cost of a system can vary based on the unique requirements of the homeowner, the installation readiness of the home, and the additional third-party manufacturer components selected for the system.

ELAN g! Media Room Features

  • 2-way control of your receiver and surround sound system
  • One-button management of movies, TV and video games
  • Lighting control creates the right ambiance for all media
  • DVD or On-demand? g! controls every source

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